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Wind Energy, Marine, Transportation & Infrastructure


Leading manufacturers in wind energy, transportation and other markets are using TYCOR®, our patented fiber reinforced composite core products, for key competitive advantages, from lighter weight and reduced cost to more efficient processing.

Wind Energy

We understand wind energy blade designers want reliable, engineered material solutions, especially when it comes to producing longer yet more efficient blades. To help achieve their production goals, blade fabricators require composite materials that are reliable, provide consistent high quality and are efficient to process and mold. TYCOR® W has been developed as a state-of-the art core product solution for turbine blade designers and infusion molders.



Fuel costs continue to drive demands for lightweight structural solutions that can be used to build more fuel-efficient vehicles. Vehicle manufacturers also look for corrosion resistance, high strength, stiffness, and durability to withstand the static and dynamic structural demands from road and rail loads. TYCOR G fiber reinforced composite core products are engineered to deliver these performance characteristics for superior sandwich solutions suited to the needs of the rail, trailer, bus, and trucking industries. TYCOR can be used with phenolic resins for panels that have special fire, smoke, and toxicity requirements.


Marine Applications

TYCOR’s internal web structure creates a network of intersecting ‘bulkheads’ within infused panels. Each compartment is very small and filled with high density closed cell foam. If moisture enters a panel via surface laminate damage or improper installation of a thru-hull fitting, penetration is limited to the compartments immediately adjacent to the damage or fitting.



Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) composite bridge decks and superstructures offer bridge designers and owners lighter weight, higher strength, corrosion resistance, minimal maintenance and longer life cycles (up to 100 years). TYCOR G is the material of choice for high-load applications. The engineered composite core’s strength and stiffness properties enable vehicle and pedestrian decks to meet stringent deflection specifications.




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