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Foam Core Fiberglass Reinforced Composite Material

TYCOR® — a Superior Composite Core Solution. The TYCOR® family of engineered composite core products, including TYCOR W and TYCOR G are used to produce lightweight, high strength sandwich structures in a wide range of markets from wind turbine blades to truck bodies, railcar decks, military shelters, bridge decks, cargo ship floors, temporary mats and runways.

TYCOR fiber reinforced composite core technology delivers higher structural performance, enables better design solutions and delivers greater cost efficiencies, especially when compared to balsa and PVC foam cores. Our composite core technology combines fiberglass and closed-cell foam in an engineered architecture to create a very efficient sandwich core solution. Specifically designed for resin infusion processes, TYCOR’s WIP infusion grooves allow the resin to move quickly and efficiently throughout each panel ensuring high quality infusion of the sandwich panels’ internal structure.

Whether it’s wind turbine blades, boat hulls, bridge decks, or panel products, TYCOR cores offer the most cost effective, high performance solutions available.  The family of balanced and unbalanced orthotropic products covers a wide range of properties and enables designers and manufacturers to move less resin to the mold and more profit to the bottom line.

TYCOR Edge provides provides all the advantages of TYCOR in a new tapered form factor to enable simple thickness transitions and edge closeouts...
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TYCOR products give designers and manufacturers the flexibility to optimize designs by tailoring core properties to design requirements that optimize performance and cost.
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View some of the frequently asked questions concerning TYCOR® solutions.
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Leading manufacturers across multiple markets are using TYCOR® for key competitive advantages, from lighter weight and reduced cost to more efficient processing.
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Safety & Technical

TYCOR® products are safe when used correctly; however, if you need more information in preparation for a project we have more safety and health information.
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TYCOR Full Service Molding & Testing Lab

A highly capable staff including mechanical and materials engineers and CCTs with extensive VARTM experience. The lab also includes:

  • Glass table molds for fl ow visualization on all sides
  • Curved molds for contour studies
  • Machine shop equipped for mold making and composite cutting/finishing
  • Fixturing for sandwich panel testing up to 50mm thick
  • Fatigue and strain image mapping capabilities for advanced analyses 
Germanischer Lloyd Certificate of Approval
Following a thorough product evaluation and manufacturing audit, Germanischer Lloyd awarded a
Certificate of Approval for TYCOR W0.1, W2.1, and W4.1 as documented in GL Approval  WP 1310008 HH.


TYCOR News Articles

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