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Engineered Core Solution for Wind Turbine Blades


TYCOR® W — an engineered core product used in GL-approved wind turbine blades — enables designers and manufacturers to reduce cost and weight in utility scale wind blade production. TYCOR W combines glass fibers with closed-cell, low density foam in an engineered architecture to produce an advanced core that delivers higher specific shear modulus than balsa wood and PVC foam cores. TYCOR W has also been engineered to provide blade designers with a targeted selection of core designs to optimize structural performance, weight and cost.


Milliken produces TYCOR W composite core using an environmentally clean manufacturing method that ensures consistent, reliable, physical and structural performance and processing. TYCOR W is contaminant free and dimensionally stable, eliminating the inconsistent cure and poor infusion performance typically found with balsa wood. TYCOR W contourable core is more durable than other contourable core products on the market.


TYCOR W performs effectively in flat or curved shapes and with less resin absorption than foam and balsa cores. TYCOR W is offered in four standard core products to give blade designers and manufacturers the flexibility to optimize blade designs. Milliken is also able to tailor modifications for individual blade and turbine specifications.


TYCOR Edge provides all the advantages of TYCOR in a new tapered form factor to enable simple thickness transitions and edge closeouts for wind turbine blade manufacturing. By utilizing the same construction as standard TYCOR W4.1, TYCOR Edge retains all of the contour-ability, weight, resin pickup and structural advantages of TYCOR W4.1. Multiple TYCOR Edge pieces can be combined to make an edge closeout or individual sticks can be used to provide flap-wise and chord-wise thickness transitions. Learn More

Weight Savings

Shear Modulus of Cores

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