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A Superior Composite Core Solution

The TYCOR® family of engineered composite core products, including TYCOR W and TYCOR G are used to produce lightweight, high strength sandwich structures in a wide range of markets from wind turbine blades to truck bodies, railcar decks, military shelters, bridge decks, cargo ship floors, temporary mats and runways.

TYCOR fiber reinforced composite core technology delivers higher structural performance, enables better design solutions and delivers greater cost efficiencies, especially when compared to balsa and PVC foam cores. Our composite core technology combines fiberglass and closed-cell foam in an engineered architecture to create a very efficient sandwich core solution. Specifically designed for resin infusion processes, TYCOR’s WIP infusion grooves allow the resin to move quickly and efficiently throughout each panel ensuring high quality infusion of the sandwich panels’ internal structure.

TYCOR contourable core is more durable than other contourable products on the market, yet performs effectively in flat or curved shapes with little additional resin absorption. Our material can be efficiently edge machined with conventional table saws, bandsaws, and specialty taper cutters. Custom core designs and sheet sizes are also available — another TYCOR advantage. Our engineering, technical support, testing and application development resources enable our customers to capture measurable savings by designing and building with TYCOR.

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Lighter Weight, Higher Strengh and Stiffness